Why We Create Client Brand Boards (+ tips on how we use them)

First things first- let’s define what we are talking about when we use the word “brand board.” A brand board is a one-page document that contains all elements which reflect a brand. Things such as a primary logo, a submark (or stamp), color palette, typeface selections, patterns/textures, and photos representing the overall feel of a brand are all things you may find on a brand board. 

The conception of the brand board usually begins after we receive the brand questionnaire we ask clients to complete. Instead of asking clients to share materials (like photos) they feel are a good reflection of their brand, we let their questionnaire guide the direction of the brand board. We ask client’s detailed questions that allow us to know how to approach the style of the brand. Depending on the brand we are working with, we will include/exclude certain elements. 

A couple weeks ago, we sent off a brand board to a client, and her first reaction was “wow! this is gorgeous, and I think y’all nailed it.”  Then, a couple days later, she graciously asked us to elaborate a little more on how this would actually be used throughout the design of the website. I felt terrible that I had just assumed she would know how it would be used throughout the website. Side note- I tend to do a terrible job explaining certain things because I just assume people are on the same page with me all of the time, and I have to remember that is not the case. Also, Tyler is the pro communicator of this duo, so I am trying to get better! Anyways, we used this sweet client for inspiration into our very first blog post.

Why We Create Brand Boards

The creation and use of brand boards is one of those things I wish I knew a couple years ago when we started designing websites. It is also something that I (initially) thought was a waste of time, and I happily kept it out of our process. Wow, I could not have been more wrong.

The reason we create brand boards is simple: to keep us on track and “on brand” while we design a client’s virtual home. 

How We Use Brand Boards While We Design

The reason why we create a brand board is relatively simple. However, most people may not know how to actually use what you create as an aid in the design process (I can promise that I did not know or else I would have started this a long time ago!).