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We start with the story our client has to tell



The most influential brands are built on a solid foundation. With this package, we will help you find your brand’s voice, create a plan for your brand to grow with the use of your current or new website, and lastly design a logo that is the visual mark that identifies your brand. A summarized list of what this package offers are listed below. The starting price is also listed in this section. To find out more or get an official quote or proposal, click here to contact us!


package details

+ Brand Brainstorm Conference Call
+ Client Questionnaire
+ Visuals Used in Brand Design
+ Up to 3 Original Logo Designs
(only one can be chosen)
+ Finalize and Refine Main Logo
+ Create a Secondary Logo
(think of it as an abbreviated version)
+ Color Palette used in the Design
+ Typography
+ One Business Card Design Template
+ Business Card Design will include 1 format of Business Card Setup
+ Additional redesigns or refinements could cost up to $50 per re-draft of the Business Card. We can explain this more when we chat.

Pricing starts at $450 for this package.

additional services